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Message from Chairman

Dear Valued Members,

Greetings to you and your family, May you all be blessed with good health and happiness.

Our sincere appreciation we would like to extend to you, our honored Bimasena Members, for your continued support despite these challenging times that we all have to go through, for more than two years now due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These challenging times may hopefully be over soon due to the fast actions and the extensive measurements taken to overcome this pandemic, and we may soon be able to ease conditions as the Government has lowered the Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) nationwide and may follow other countries to treat it as an endemic.

Re-opening of the Bimasena facilities are well under way and all shall be completed in line with the health guidelines as stipulated by the Government. We believe that we will soon be able to inform you on favorable conditions as it developes.

The Holy month of Ramadhan is soon upon us. For the muslims, the Ramadhan fasting month is a glorious month, a holy month that is observed with mercy and forgiveness from the Almighty. Let us welcome this holy month of Ramadhan with a sincere heart and a deep sense of Joy.

Have a blessed Ramadhan !

Prof. Dr. Subroto

The Society

Bimasena, a well established exclusive place for meetings and interactions in privately secured surroundings.

Bimasena promotes key programs for Indonesian and International participation in the mining, energy, business and other related industries for communication and concentrated relations of the key-players and related officials.


The Bimasena Programs

BIMASENA, has successfully been an effective bridge between the private sector and the Indonesian Government, enabling the stakeholders particularly in the energy sector to give valuable inputs through credible and constructive dialogues.


The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta was created as an exclusive hotel that would complement the elite residential area of Kebayoran Baru in terms of architecture and upscale utility. It fits in style and philosophy to the environment and is uniquely Indonesian in character.


Membership of Bimasena is by invitation by the Board and / or member's recommendation. Candidates shall be of good character and reputation .

Bimasena members have inspired the choice of programs, to also promote the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia. These programs express the concern of the Mines and Energy Society to encourage the appreciation and sustainability thereof.

Type of Membership

  • Corporate Memberships
  • Associate Memberships
  • Visiting Memberships

Membership Benefits

  • 50% off from rate of the day at
    The Dharmawangsa (Hotel)
  • 20% off on Spa Treatments at Bimasena
  • 20% off for Dine-in at Bimasena and
    The Dharmawangsa (Hotel) outlets

Membership Obligations

All Members are required to observe The Club House Rules and Regulations which are subject to change at the discretion of the Club Management.


Meeting and Banquet

Bimasena provides venues for business meetings, seminars, conferences, luncheons or private parties. Bimasena event planning team will happily assist you in arranging the events professionally and prudently to ensure guest satisfaction


Food and Beverages

On the 1st are the Lobby Lounge and Board Room. On the 2nd floor are located The Dining Room with four small private rooms


Sport Facilities

The sport facilities are located on the 4th floor, comprising of a Fitness Center, Indoor Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi, Squash Court, Aerobic room and assessment room.


Security and Safety

The Security and Safety of guests at Bimasena is of great importance and has full attention thereof. The Security System is a combination of visible and behind the scenes attentive observation.

Signature Spa

The Spa provides for a refreshing journey into physical and mental wellness in an environment combining art, greenery, natural marble, and exotic hardwoods.

The Spa is on the 3rd floor of The Bimasena. Located in pleasant surroundings, it provides a refreshing journey into physical and mental wellness. Treatment is by experienced skilled practitioners. The Spa has selected natural products and uses modern equipment.

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